Hi! I’m Evie, and I make Game Boy games.

I’ve been interested in programming ever since I learned about it, but I really found my passion when I started playing around with the Game Boy in 2019. I started out making very simple Pokemon romhacks, getting a feel for working with existing code and hacking it to do what I want. A while later I decided I wanted to get better at writing assembly and started working on Kirby’s Dream Land DX. This was a project which took a little over two weeks of non-stop work, and by the end I had a working version of Kirby’s Dream Land in full color.

After this, I worked on writing tools and a few short tutorials for Game Boy development, as well as working on my own game engines for the Game Boy and making contributions to various projects in the Game Boy Development community. I'm currently working on a game engine and a complementary scripting language which makes development of the engine much more efficient.

You can find me on GitHub @eievui5, Twitter @eievui50 and Discord @evie#6478.

I can also be reached by email at

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