Hi! I’m Evie, and I make retro games.

I’ve been interested in programming forever, but I really found my passion when I started playing around with the Game Boy in 2019. I started out making very simple Pokemon romhacks, getting a feel for working with existing code and hacking it to do what I want. A while later I decided I wanted to get better at writing assembly and started writing Kirby’s Dream Land DX. This was a project which took a little over two weeks of non-stop work, and by the end I was much more familiar with the Game Boy.

After this, I worked on writing tools and tutorials for Game Boy development, and making contributions to various projects in the GBDev community. I'm currently working on a game engine and a complementary scripting language, evscript.

You can find me on GitHub @eievui5, Twitter @eievui50 and Discord @evie#6478.

I can also be reached by email at

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